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Need more support?
We offer exclusive Shopping Days.

Borrow my keen eye and savvy experience as we shop for furniture together, to create a cohesive design style in your home. (Up to 7 hours.)

Here’s what a design consult looks like.

rachel fuchs



  • We’ll start by learning about your personal needs and requirements

  • We'll evaluate whether you current layout and furniture arrangement support them

  • We'll suggest new ideas to optimize your layout

rachel fuchs



  • We'll discuss what you’d like to feel and experience in each space.

  • We'll look at inspiration boards with various design styles to see what you connect to.

  • We'll explore colors and materials.

rachel fuchs



  • We’ll clarify how much you want to invest in the project.

  • We’ll offer ballpark estimates.

  • We’ll discuss what to prioritize ensuring you make the best investment.

This is the general outline. But this consult is yours, we’ll spend more time on the parts that are most important to you so that you walk away feeling confident and excited about your new project.

rachel fuchs interior achitect

The Process

Let’s transform your home together.

Want something you don’t see? Let’s talk about it.

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