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Rachel, I've had enough! No matter what color I choose from the color swatch,
It just doesn't look the same on the walls at home!'

I’ve decided to reveal my favourite paint colors:

How anyone who wants to paint their home can choose the most beautiful colors that’ll give the feeling of a cozy and unique and beautiful home

An insane paint guide with all my secret colors

If you feel that your home is too white or gray,
That you’ve tried to stay with 'neutral' colors,
But really,
You just feel like your home is missing something.

Or you’re renovating, moving into a new apartment
Or you just want to refresh your home with a new color...

And you’re afraid to 'dare' and choose a color
that’s not white.

gray concrete surface_edited.jpg

After working as an interior architect for over a decade,
I can confidently say that your choice of color for your home impacts your emotions much more than you realize.

Textured Background_edited.jpg

And when I researched this topic a little more deeply,
I found these:

Article 4_Paint colors.png
Article 5_About paint colors
Article 2_About paint color
Article 3_About paint color
Hand Holding Color Swatches

I want you to understand:

The easiest way to significantly change the feeling and energies in your home….

Is by choosing the right paint colors and shades.

Most people who paint their home,
just go to a paint store and choose a color directly from the color swatch, something that they feel will look nice.

Now, what you may not realise is that the color swatch has more than 1,320 shades!

It’s like looking for a needle
In a hay stack…

Now let's assume you managed to find the color you wanted...

How do you know if it's going to look good on the walls of your home?

Allow me save you some time:
In most cases, the color you choose directly from the color swatch is quite different from the color you actually wanted to paint your walls.


What you wanted:

The Paint You Ended Up With.jpg

How it turned out:

And then what?

Would you go back to the store to change the paint color?

Are you open to compromising on the paint color you initially chose?

Would you consider changing your mind , opting for only white paint for the rest of your life? 

(Remember, even white comes in 196 shades!)

If we haven't already met,


I’m Rachel Fuchs, Interior Architect


As an architectural engineer with an obsession for all things homes and decor, I can tell you that one of the things I put the most emphasis on…

Is choosing the perfect colors for my clients homes.

Because it's "not just a color".

It creates the atmosphere!

A house that’s too white or gray -
Can feel cold and unwelcoming.

And who doesn't want their space to feel like “home”?

IG Horizontal 2_edited.png
Textured Background_edited.jpg

The Good News Is:

After having tried HUNDREDS of different shades of paint,
It took me forever to find the really gorgeous ones.
The ones I’ve used in my clients' homes.

And after countless requests from clients / colleagues / friends / family who’ve asked me to help them choose paint colors for their home…. 

I’ve decided to reveal my secret paint colors, and give them to you on a golden platter.

The most gorgeous paint colors you can find for painting your home, while being confident and certain that they’re going to look stunning on your walls!

So if you are just about to choose a paint color for your home,
Or you’ve been debating for a while about what color would best suit your home...

I'm SO excited to share with you:

Mockup ELEVATE.png



A super practical digital guide that shows you step by step how to choose a unique and beautiful paint color for your home that’ll create the atmosphere you're really looking for

Here's what you get in just a moment:



The Painting Roadmap:

How do you choose an exact color for every space in your home?

My Secret Paint Colors:

38 selected colors that I’ve tested and look STUNNING in reality, and not just on the color swatch.


Copy of IMG_9946_edited.jpg


Colors and Spaces:

An explanation next to each color about how and where it should be used in the space.

Designer Recommendations:

If you don't have patience to think about it, and you just want some specific paint color recommendations per space, I’ve got your covered. I’ve created a special list for you.



But one moment!
Because that's not all

When you purchase Elevate: My Secret Paint Colors, everything is on a web page.
That way you can switch between colors and sections easily without scrolling through everything.
And most importantly, when I discover new amazing colors, I will update them here!


"Okay Rachel, I need this guide
To choose a perfect color for my home…
How much does ELEVATE: My Secret Paint Colors" cost?

When I was thinking about how much to price this guide…

I based it on this data:

A large paint bucket (5 litres) costs approx NIS 150-300.

The amount of paint buckets that this guide is going to save you is huge.

So I'm happy to price the guide at:


You'll no longer need to experiment

and guess what color is going to look good,

and then get disappointed with how the paint color actually turns out.

In this guide I've gathered for you everything I've learned about paint colors in the past ten years as an interior architect, designer, and artist.

After reading this guide,
You’ll be able
to confidently choose the perfect paint color for your home.

I want to help as many people as possible to realize that it's possible for them to have they beautiful home they've dreamed of.

That looks and FEELS amazing.

And that's why I've decided to make this guide super affordable:

Only 67 ₪!
(Instead of
 297 ₪)

And if you're reading this now, it means you're getting a special launch offer for the next 24 hours:

Only 49 ₪!
(Instead of
 297 ₪)

Yes, you've read correctly!

*But note,
The price may increase at any given moment and without prior notice

So Now...
Where should I send ELELVATE?

All you have to do now is press the button and then:
1. Fill in your email
2. Go to a secure payment page

3. Fill in the details and get access within 15 seconds to the paint guide ELEVATE


Who is best suited for ELEVATE?

✔️ If you’re tired of everything being white and gray

✔️ If you want your space to feel like home.

✔️ If you want to upgrade your home with a minimal budget

✔️ If you’ve been thinking of painting your home for a while but got overwhelmed by too many options.


✔️ If you’re an interior designer who loves color and wants to save themselves the time and effort of testing hundreds of colors.

So Now...
Where should I send ELELVATE?

All you have to do now is press the button and then:
1. Fill in your email
2. Go to a secure payment page

3. Fill in the details and get access within 15 seconds to the paint guide ELEVATE

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Step 1: Dreams Begin
    We’ll discover your dream space and begin collecting all the pieces to get started.
  • Step 2: Concept Design
    We’ll begin developing the outline , evaluating how the space would work best for you. We’ll learn your style and get a feeling for what you love as we begin to weave a unique design.
  • Step 3: Design Development
    Your design comes to life as we begin selecting materials and finishes. We’ll support you as we make final design decisions and present you with detailed plans.
  • Step 4: Final Design
    Yay! We’ve decided on a stunning design. Now we’re ready to put together our dream team. From contractors to electricians, we’ll help you get quotes for every detail.
  • Step 5: Into Reality
    We’ve finalized all the details. Chosen materials. Selected finishings. And now we’re ready to start building! We’ll conduct on-site visits to ensure everything is going to plan.
  • Step 6: Final Touches
    Once the build wraps up, we’ll get busy scheduling deliveries and installations. We’ll install the delicate final touches, such as wallpapers or parquet.
Copy of On Website_edited.jpg

Wow, sounds amazing!
I want the secret paint guide ELEVATE!

After you click the button and fill in all your details, you'll be transferred to a payment page.
After that you'll receive everything via email.


I totally get where you're coming from.

You know, there was a time when I didn't realize just how much of a difference color could make in a home.

Back in our first apartment, we hardly changed a thing. It was just a rental, and we figured we'd only be there for about a year.

But then, when it came time to pack up and move to the next place, it hit me. 
We'd been living like that for a whole 
five years.

I started to wonder: 
why didn't I make our place feel like home right from the start? Why did I wait so long? 

That's when I made a decision—I vowed to make sure that no matter where I ended up, or for how long, my surroundings would always be fun and comfortable for me.

I mean, I do it for my clients all the time, and I've seen firsthand how much it benefits them. So why wasn't I doing it for myself too?

When we moved to the next apartment, which we also thought would just be temporary, I kept my promise. 
In the very first month, I pulled out my paint samples and got to work.

I followed the exact process I'm sharing with you now.

And really, it made all the difference.

I wanted my home to FEEL good.

I painted it when I realized it was possible for me.

And I want to help you realize that it's possible for you too!

It's not a far off dream.

You can FEEL AMAZING in your home right now!

And that's why I've created this paint guide.

It's taken me hundreds of hours of testing, and a good few years to collect these gorgeous colors.

Time really does fly by, 
So why not enjoy every moment of it?!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside,
🤍 Rachel

לוגו שקוף רחלי פוקס-_edited.png
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