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rachel fuchs

Clean lines.
Sophisticated elements.
Bold touches.

We create beautiful spaces that feel and live just like you.

(And we’re kinda awesome at it.) 

A duo of color and texture.
A space that feels undeniably you.

We’re passionate about designing spaces that don’t just look good, but feel really good.

We develop spaces that support your lifestyle. We craft rooms that excite your visual senses. We curate corners that reignite passion in your old hobbies. And we’ll hold your hand at every stage of the process as we create this masterpiece called home.

hat on marble texture

Work with an expert renovation specialist and enjoy


We’ll break down the details every step of the way so you’re clear on what happens when. 


We believe visual communication is the most powerful way to imagine a space. You’ll get 3D visualizations that help you make informed design decisions.


We’ll layer materials, textures and colors. Weaving a story of all the things you love into a sophisticated and bold space.

rachel fuchs interior design
rachel fuchs interior designer

Hey there,

I’m Rachel, an Interior Architect, pattern finder, recovering perfectionist, and fascinated by art and relationships.

I’m here to help you define your vision, bring it into reality and design your dream home.

I can’t wait to get started.

Meet Rachel

Which service is calling your name?

I need...

"My home now feels like a luxury hotel, I don't even want to go on vacation any more"

“She maximized every possible space in my home! Created my dream kitchen - I've even started cooking. My home now feels like a luxury hotel, I don't even want to go on vacation any more! I really enjoyed working with her, and recommend her to anyone who's opening a business, Or renovating their home. She's the best!”

-Devora Ranells, Cozy Living Renovation Project

rachel fuchs designer
interior design israel
home renovation israel
business design israel

A Design Consultation

Get an expert opinion on all things design. We’ll consult with you on any space from kitchens to master bedrooms. Together we’ll build your design roadmap.

To Decorate

You don’t need to break through walls  to elevate your home. In this boutique service we’ll hold your hand as we reinvent your current space.

To Renovate

Transform your space (and life!) with a redesigned home plan and a stunning aesthetic to match. Are you ready to start your design journey?

Business Design

Stand out from the crowd in branded spaces that create memorable client experiences and takes your business to the next level.

Meet the spaces that our clients fell in love with.

We design bold, warm, and sophisticated spaces that don’t just look good, but feel really good. We design by layering materials, textures and colors, weaving together a story of love, joy, and family. Your story.

house renovation israel modern clean style


Thinking about renovating your home and not sure where to start? 

I bet you have a lot of questions.

Get clarity about the design process with my free 3-part video series: The Interior Design Roadmap

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We believe a transformed home is a transformed life.

Let’s start the journey together.

rachel fuchs

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