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Your home has been waiting for a total transformation.

And now, you’re finally ready.

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home decor service israel

A house is not just a home.
It’s a creative expression of who you are.

And that’s why when we design your dream home, we want you to fall completely and utterly in love with it.

Here’s the deal.

Interior design isn’t about how it looks, but about how it feels. We go beyond the visuals and design by layering materials, textures and colors, weaving together a story of love, joy, and family. Your story.

When we work together, we’ll go from design to completion.

From the initial planning down to choosing the closet door handles, we’re about to go on a full design journey. (And it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.)

We’ll plan your project down to the last detail so that you’re left with the space of your dreams and NO nasty surprises.


  • Architectural Plans

  • A full design concept

  • Carpentry plans

  • Material selection meetings

  • Shopping days

  • 3D visualization

  • Project management

  • Onsite visits


Are you ready? Let’s design your…

home interior design israel


Imagine a space where you can live, laugh and linger with the people you love. A space that raises your spirits every time you enter. A space that functions for you. Together we’ll take the journey to the home of your dreams. We’ll collate an inspiration board and learn how you live to plan a space that functions for you. Once we’ve done that, it’s time to curate a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere with decor, color and furniture.

interior designer israel


Upgrade your investment property and create a legacy. Prepare for a sale or attract tenants by creating a space that feels expansive and beautiful. From majestic to cozy, we’ll create the vibe you’re looking for while taking care of every piece of the project.

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rachel fuchs interior architecture
rachel fuchs

We won’t just work together, we’ll journey together.

  • Step 1: Dreams Begin
    We’ll discover your dream space and begin collecting all the pieces to get started.
  • Step 2: Concept Design
    We’ll begin developing the outline , evaluating how the space would work best for you. We’ll learn your style and get a feeling for what you love as we begin to weave a unique design.
  • Step 3: Design Development
    Your design comes to life as we begin selecting materials and finishes. We’ll support you as we make final design decisions and present you with detailed plans.
  • Step 4: Final Design
    Yay! We’ve decided on a stunning design. Now we’re ready to put together our dream team. From contractors to electricians, we’ll help you get quotes for every detail.
  • Step 5: Into Reality
    We’ve finalized all the details. Chosen materials. Selected finishings. And now we’re ready to start building! We’ll conduct on-site visits to ensure everything is going to plan.
  • Step 6: Final Touches
    Once the build wraps up, we’ll get busy scheduling deliveries and installations. We’ll install the delicate final touches, such as wallpapers or parquet.

Here’s a peek at our process.

Meet the spaces that our clients fell in love with.

Let’s start the journey together.

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