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Design Work


Joyful Elegance

My clients wanted a joyful happy space where they would be able to host their family and friends and comfortably enjoy themselves.

The Nail Academy
Layers Upon Layes

She wanted something unique.

Nothing like you've ever seen before.

Somewhere she can give her clients an amazing experience.

The design is made up of layers.

Like her work.

Every art really.

Layers upon layers


Master Bedroom Oasis

My clients wanted to design their master bedroom in a way that would really serve them. So we re-planned the entire floor and created an amazing master bedroom. Fun fact, we also have over there a reading room.

rachel fuchs renovation portfolio

Neutrals with Love

My clients inherited this apartment and decided that they wanted to rent it out, rather than sell it. We replanned it, having this in mind.  We even managed to add in another bedroom. For the design we used beautiful, durable and neutral materials. So a lot of people would be able to connect to it.

rachel fuchs interior design portfolio

The Beauty Salon

She wanted something unique, that would make her clients feel pampered, relaxed and recharged. A place that would function well, and give her clients an amazing experience.

rachel fuchs portfolio
rachel fuchs portfolio

Cozy Living

They wanted a home where they could enjoy their beautiful family, easily host, and have a good place to chill. As the house is 70 SQM, we needed a very well thought out floor plan to bring it all together.

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